Wednesday, 26 October 2016

David Garnier - Nova Scotia Investment Expert’s Three Core Keys to Effective Interpersonal Communication

David Garnier has worked throughout his career to help his clients make the most effective investment and financial decisions as a financial advisor and Portfolio Manager in Nova Scotia. His work has earned him the position of Vice President at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s Wood Gundy office. As a leader, he has to effectively manage several teams and their members so they can keep the banking organization running smoothly on behalf of their clients. Here are three keys to effective interpersonal communication he has learned in his career: 

  • Understanding behavioral styles. As a leader, David Garnier has worked hard in his offices in Nova Scotia to understand his team and their behavior, as well as the reasons behind their behavior. Garnier works hard to understand why his team communicates the way they do.
  • Listening. The best way to communicate effectively in a business setting or elsewhere is to listen to understand the messages of others. The leader of a team must be ready to respond to all the team members’ concerns, but first, he or she has to understand what they are, which must be gleaned by listening.
  • Criticism is a learning tool. When others criticize you, you can’t always take it personally. Instead, think of criticism, (if it is constructive) as a learning tool, and opportunity to improve in some way. Don’t waste it.
David Garnier Nova Scotia has helped his clients in Nova Scotia make the best investment decisions, in part because of excellent communication with both his clients and his team members.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

David Garnier - Nova Scotia Portfolio Manager’s Three Core Beliefs for Investing and Risk Management

David Garnier has many years of experience working as a Portfolio Manager and financial leader in Nova Scotia. He has helped businesses prepare for expansion, manage their budgets, and more throughout his career. Over that time working with complex investment and portfolio plans, Garnier has come to rely upon three core beliefs for investing and risk management that has helped his clients make the right investment decisions:
  • Thoughtful diversification. There is more to effective diversification than holding assets not correlated to one another. It is an ongoing process that requires active risk identification and all that entails, including realistic projections on payoff horizons. David Garnier has long guided his clients to success with thoughtful diversification in Nova Scotia. 
  • Meaningful perspective. Good investment advisors translate investment risk into language they are more familiar with so they can make the right decisions for now and the future. Different kinds of investors and organizations need different perspectives using different metrics to describe financial and investment situations.
  • A Complete set of tools. Good investment firms make all of their resources and investment tools available to their clients. They equip their portfolio manager with everything they need to help their clients.
David Garnier Nova Scotia has created many opportunities for his clients as a Portfolio Manager and financial leader in Nova Scotia. He has many years of experience working with different organizations and clients to help them find the perfect investment strategies for them. Garnier stays to his core beliefs as a financial advisor with success throughout his career.