Monday, 14 November 2016

David Garnier - Nova Scotia Portfolio Manager Priding Himself on Professional Conduct and Fiduciary Responsibility

David Garnier Nova Scotia is a Portfolio Manager based in Nova Scotia where he works for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). He has worked with individuals trying to save and invest as well as businesses that need to mind their budget and spending better. Garnier became a leader at the CIBC retail division of Wood Gundy with his skill in investing and his ability to work in a team context as a leader and manager. He has created many opportunities for his clients to succeed as well as those working under him. He has had a successful career in Finance because of his fiduciary responsibility and his responsibility to his company and those who work for him.

David Garnier learned after he came to Nova Scotia to be a leader at the Wood Gundy office that his professional conduct is an extremely important part of his and his team’s success. Garnier takes it upon himself to create an open, collaborative work environment marked by clear communications and trust in one another. Garnier has worked with his team to foster this environment and while their efforts are essential to the continued success of his office, it is his own professional conduct and fiduciary responsibility that ultimately determines success in his office’s operations.
David Garnier Nova Scotia has worked as a manager over several teams of financial planners and workers at his office in Nova Scotia and he continues to lead by example so that everyone gets the same treatment and professional courtesy they expect when dealing with the CIBC.

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

David Garnier - Nova Scotia Portfolio Manager Explains Estate Planning

David Garnier is a Nova Scotia portfolio manager and the Vice President of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce’s retail section, Wood Gundy. He has helped many private individuals plan their investments and their estates to be passed on to their families after they have passed. Garnier has also worked with companies to help them create solutions to stay in business and plan for the future. His experience has helped many clients in many ways since he started his career in financial planning, yet he explains the importance of estate planning time and time again.

Estate planning is the process of arranging and anticipating, during an individual’s life, for the disposal and management of the person’s estate. Most people have estates, whether they have a fancy house in the English countryside or not. This estate has to be legally prepared to be passed down to the next of kin or another individual of the person’s choice after they die. The client often sets the goals of his or her estate and plan for disposal and dispersal. Proper estate planning, as David Garnier in Nova Scotia knows, deals with maximizing the overall value of the estate by the reduction of taxes and other expenses.

David Garnier has worked with clients in Nova Scotia to help them plan their estate after they are gone. His clients have long sung Garnier’s praises throughout his career in finance and as a leader for the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. He has helped many people plan their estates.