Thursday, 12 May 2016

David Garnier of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - Investment Portfolio Management Tips for Retirement

David Garnier is a Portfolio Manager and a Vice President of CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce) Wood Gundy in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. As a Portfolio Manager, David Garnier assists clients in and around Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, with managing and improving their financial portfolios. Serious investors seek portfolio managers because they hope to increase their wealth, financial security and, often, retirement prospects.

The tips below are some of many that portfolio managers might give their clients to help secure a comfortable retirement:

  • Diversify – Spreading your investments across a number of asset classes and instruments diversifies your portfolio to protect it against the ups and downs of the market. Stocks, bonds, index funds, cash equivalents and many other options allow you to evenly and securely allocate your investments to protect you over the years. 
  • Preservation of Capital – Your nest egg or retirement fund represents a significant portion of your life’s savings. This capital must be preserved as much as possible to reduce the volatility of your investments. The best ways to do this are often through low-risk stocks and other investments with little to no rapid changes.
  • Large-Cap, Dividend-Paying Stocks – By investing in large-cap, dividend-paying stocks, you can secure a regular income for patient retirement savings. These stocks are often in health care, consumer staples, Banks, utilities and Pipelines.

Rather than managing your portfolio on your own, consider reaching out to a professional like David Garnier Nova Scotia , clients do. Though it is an extra expense, the profits typically outweigh the costs.