Friday, 1 July 2016

David Garnier of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia - Competitive Sports Create Competitive People

David Garnier of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, is an avid badminton player. While he is not a professional, he plays the game at a high level and a constant participant in local competitions. Playing a sport, any sport, at a competitive level can offer tremendous advantages to anyone, regardless of age or gender.

Physically overcoming an opponent (or a distance, a hoop, a goal post, anything) is a spiritually rewarding experience. Through sport we can learn to compete, against all odds, always. There are people who ooze competitiveness, they’ve always been that way and nothing can really change that about them.

There are, however, people out there who need a little bit of push, sometimes directly from themselves. If you really like a sport and you choose to do it competitively (remember, that does not have to mean professionally), you will often take a step out of your comfort zone. Sports in general can teach you so much.

There is the competition angle that we’ve already talked about, but there is also something else entirely. A chance to get over losses, to work out stuff you have to deal with. When you choose a pitch, a field, a mat or a court to get rid of your anxiety, you are doing a huge favor to both your body and mind.

David Garnier Nova Scotia of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, notes that having sport as an essential part of your life, can be a tremendous investment in yourself. Make that investment today and learn first-hand what it means to use competitive sports as a tool to better your life.