Monday, 8 August 2016

David Garnier of Nova Scotia - Outside Interests

David Garnier of Nova Scotia has accomplished a great deal as a financial industry professional. He is a vice president for the financial arm of a leading bank in Canada, and he also manages portfolios for the firm's clients. When you learn about a successful business person, for the most part, you hear about professional achievements. This biographical material can be very interesting to absorb, and it can be personally instructive as you apply the “habits of successful people” to your own career path.

The qualities that successful people typically demonstrate are not exclusively played out in the workplace. Most organizations will place an emphasis on the value of work-life balance. You should certainly take your professional position seriously and do everything that you can to build on your abilities. At the same time, your outside interests can keep you on an even keel. For a person like David Garnier of Nova Scotia, family time is typically going to be a large part of this equation. He is married, and he has a daughter, so he has the ability to spend meaningful, quality time with his loved ones.

David Garnier of Nova Scotia also developed some recreational passions when he was younger, and he carries them with him to this day. He excels at badminton, and he is a golfer. These activities allow him to clear his mind and get some exercise and fresh air on some of his days off. When you mix hard work with enjoyable outside endeavors, you can strike the right balance and enjoy every facet of your life.